Psychedelic hard rock dreams at SXSW: Ocean of Stars

Ocean of Stars sxsw 3.15.14

I saw the new band my sister Melanie Martinez, bass player in Austin, just joined, called Ocean of Stars. They performed at their first SXSW showcase and it was awesome. People were gathering around the stage as their set unfolded, the band like the pied pipers of rock. I got seriously caught in the groove and vibe of the whole night.

Here is a short snippet I was able to catch on video/audio while loving the music. It’s pretty short but sweet, to hear more, check out Danny G’s bandcamp page here!

Please follow this band and their charismatic leader Danny G. Danny used to play bass with local Austin hard roots rock favorites, The Mother Truckers. He is a prodigious multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and a serious rock guitar player. They got something special and you will be hearing about them…

Songwriting: Danny Grochow
Guitar: Danny Grochow

Bass: Melanie Martinez
Drummer: Ric Furley
Saxophone: Derek Rodrigues

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