Lance Canales & The Flood: blues done California style

I believe this photo is by Tudor Stanley

Rocking the delta blues and roots rock with acoustic guitar, upright bass, and the cajon, Lance Canales & The Flood make me proud to be from California. Born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley, the agricultural heart of central California, Lance has those raw vocals that let you know he knows of what he sings. The real, down-home blues – that’s what I’m talking about. I heard about Lance Canales & The Flood through the blog of photographer Tudor Stanley, who shot this video below as well as the EPK for the trio. The video is a visual treat as well – stark like the emptiness between the notes in the blues. Here is “Clear Eyes, Straight Hands” and “Digging”:


  1. I admit – I never thought of California producing blues players – look how wrong I was. Happily so.


  2. FYI: The picture is an old one. The bass and drumer in the video are not the one pictured. The people play are: David Quinday – Upright Bass, Zak Parrish – Cajon, Brushes and Stomp Box.


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