Honduras de mi alma

Currently, Honduras is in a state of crisis. The country of my father, that gave him his beautiful soul, which is currently flying free among the heavens and the angels and the poets, is besieged by violence, injustice, blatant disregard for human rights. While the mainstream media reports that Honduras has now the highest murder rate in the world, that drug cartels have taken over, that the peace corp has pulled out all their volunteers, they fail to mention the attack on peasant farmers, the stealing of land by the rich, and the way the US has aided this injustice by assisting a president in power due to a military coup of a democratically elected president. More than 17 journalists have been killed. Human rights activists have been killed. The UN has just sent its human rights envoy to assess the situation and I hope that they see the truth and put pressure on the government to ensure the safety of the people.

Hondurans are some of the most soulful, alive people on earth. From such a small country, comes such incredible spirit. Please pray for Honduras and all the other countries and neighborhoods that are plagued by horrors of senseless, stupid deaths in the words of Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health. To learn more about the strength and dignity of the Honduran people, please see my post from June of 2010, which I wrote during the World Cup. It features some beautiful music and dancing. Here is a gorgeous song by Andy Palacio of Belize, a Garífuna activist, where the culture survives today in Honduras as well. While, technically not Honduran, his music represents my vision of La Ceiba, the Caribbean coast where my father was born, where the Garífuna culture flourished. Here is “Watina,” such luscious melodies that move my soul.

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