Razorface, Ocelot Robot Film Fest, & a bit of Bob

Hey music lovers. While I may not be there for you as often as I want to be, I try to come through when I can. And I aim to bring you the coolest stuff out there musically and culturally speaking.

The latest: The Razorface Tumblr Blog. Razorface (aka Nate Hertweck) is a local Los Angeles musician (by way of one of my favorite states New Mexico) who is also a talented writer/blogger adding his voice to the scene. He plays his own creations as well as some really cool and unique covers that fans of rootnotemusic will love. Similar to this blog, he will include videos of the originals with his own commentary on each song. I love it. Again, lots rootnotemusic-friendly music including Bob Dylan, Ani DiFranco, Memphis Slim, Tom Waits, Patsy Cline, The Band, to some darker, harder stuff – like a band I just found out about Monster Magnet.

Here he is doing “Ramona” by Bob Dylan:

Razorface is a member of the band Ocelot Robot, whom I featured last year. They are still doing their thing in LA, and in fact, these creative guys are holding their first annual film festival for video directors. How cool is that? A band creating a space for other artists. They realize that it’s not just about being a lone ship out there, but creating community through a network of like-minded people. If you want to get involved in what they are doing go here:

And just for the heck of it, here is another Bob Dylan song for ya:

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