La Santa Cecilia: Homegrown LA style

I am in love with the Los Angeles band, La Santa Cecilia, named after the patron saint of music. They play an eclectic fusion of everything soulful – from boleros to rancheros, cumbias to klezmer, folk and jazz/jam to their own unique take on the Beatles. Lead singer La Marisoul is absolutely adorable and on stage is simply fierce – simmering with sultry vocals. Guitar player Gloria Estrada is a complete bad-ass; laid back as cool as any blues cat out there. The guys in the band, all 100% on point: percussionist Miguel Ramirez, drummer Hugo Vargas, Alex Bendana on upright bass, and Jose Carlos on Requinto and accordion. This band is tight – solid and all smooth as can be, each member with their own unique style and coolness.

They are coming up strong this year with songs appearing on shows including Weeds and Entourage, playing SXSW, the Hollywood Bowl, and the GRAMMY block party. They are generating quite a buzz, with veterans of the music biz being blown away by their sound. La Santa Celicia…I guarantee we will be hearing a lot more of them and thank goodness for that because they are the real deal.

Their current EP is distributed at their shows and each CD has a unique handmade design painted by the band members, their artistic community of friends, and even children at painting parties. Here’s mine – thanks guys!! I took this picture in front of my own wall of music in my room:

Interview on KPFK’s Travel Tips in Aztlan:

Links and Resources
MusicCares Nashville Flood Relief info – to donate or for help
La Santa Cecilia EPK
Who was Saint Cecilia?
Interview on


  1. Hola me encanta su musica es de muy buena calidad … Sólo quería preguntar para salir de la duda .. En un programa de Telemundo (todos somos héroes ) me pareció que interrumpieron la actuación de ustedes .. Que fue lo que pasó por que no dejaron que terminarán la canción el hielo.. Gracias


    • Jesus, Miguel del grupo La Santa Cecelia, contestó su pregunta abajo! Gracias por visitando el sitio!


  2. Hola! Nada más fue cuestión de tiempo. Pero hay seguir corriendo la palabra sobre la banda, para que sigamos logrando cosas buenas!


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