Independent spirit: Ocelot Robot rockin’ the road

While normally I post about the roots side of rock music, I have to give a shout out to my friends in the straight up indie rock band Ocelot Robot. They are what independent, from the ground-up music is all about. Based in Los Angeles and paying dues, these guys work their day jobs and play bars and clubs at night. I’ve seen them live several times and not only do they play great rock music, they also put on a really entertaining show.

Comprised of solid musicians who write their own songs, Ocelot Robot is currently gearing up and raising funds for a summer tour across the Southwest. Five guys in a van, sleeping on people’s couches across America, pouring their hearts out nightly on stages however humble – the spirit of indie rock lives on! If you are feeling abundant and want to support a cool group of hardworking musicians doing their thing, donate to their “feed the muse” summer tour fund:

Ocelot Robot is also participating in the MySpace Toyota Music: Rock the Space contest, where indie bands are competing to win a record contract with MySpace Records so check them out there as well.  Happy Birthday Marc and Nate, my fellow Geminis. May you rock hard on the road (and have a soft place to sleep at night).

Ocelot Robot Website
Ocelot Robot on Facebook
Ocelot Robot MySpace
Ocelot Robot on Youtube
Better Than The Van – A Community Of Free Places For Bands to Stay


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