Sweet harmonies & Southern rock: Stonehoney & The Mother Truckers

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve got an inside track to a lot of really cool music because my sister plays bass guitar in Austin, a bubbling cauldron of musical talent. She told me about Stonehoney, a country band who recently put down roots in Texas. They are simply a solid group of musicians/songwriters with pretty vocal harmonizing and songs that tell stories. This is the kind of music that I can imagine listening to while driving through the desert on Interstate 10, sun retreating while dusk blankets the sky, bringing me back feelings I forgot I had…

Here is a song about not wanting to go home because of bad memories; haven’t we all been there?

This one is just a sweet song about the first dance of a new romance:

The Mother Truckers are a Southern country rock band from Austin, sort of like Allman Brothers with a female lead. They play regularly at the Continental Club on Congress in South Austin, which is a hot spot of rockabilly, blues, and country rock. Here’s a raucous jam, “No Mercy:”

Check out this version of Bonnie Raitt’s “Love Me Like A Man”. Gotta love some slow blues!

Stonehoney on the Music Fog Americana blog
Stonehoney live at the 2009 Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis
The Mother Truckers


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