Esperanza giving us hope!

Hey there family! I just wanted to do a quick post (crazy – two posts in one week – I guess I’m getting into this blogging thing!) about this young woman I just heard about, Esperanza Spalding.


Shout out to my good friend, DJ Moonbaby, who has a weekly radio show, Worry Free Wednesdays on every Wednesday at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. West Coast Time, who educated me about this amazing chica.

Miss Esperanza Spalding plays the upright bass and sings, leading her own jazz group. She is making her mark not just on the jazz world, but taking the style mainstream. She’s multilingual as well – singing in Portuguese and Spanish. We will be hearing A LOT about this lady in the years to come. I’m waiting to see her collaborating with all kinds of musicians from every genre. But right now, she’s making her mark on jazz – that most American of art forms – which is one of the many branches of the roots!

Here she is playing in Copenhagen and midway through this performance, she has some really interesting things to say about why jazz as an art form speaks to her. Check her out!

Esperanza Spalding website
Church Beat
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or email at

Rootnotemusic is also on twitter!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been following Esperanza’s career for a long time now. Have you heard anything from her old indie pop band Noise for Pretend? Their album Happy You Near is still one of my favorite CDs. It was pop, just on the edge of jazz with a nice Brazilian influence. I halfway wish they would do a reunion.

    Here’s a good one from Noise for Pretend:


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